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This story tells of torn refugee families that we have accompanied for several months in the Greek camps around Thessaloniki. Some are in Germany, the others are stuck in camps in Greece. Children without parents, parents without children, and in between a monster called Europe, which threatens to swallow all their hopes. Separated over years.
For the families we have met, Germany is not the land of plenty, of which there are many discussions. Many of the adults are homesick. They are nobody here, have no language, no voice, no social position, and they do not think that will change. They see no future for themselves. They have done for their children, which we would do for our children as well. But their children are trapped in Greece. Maybe everything was useless.
Text: Frauke Hunfeld, stern, Hamburg and Photo: Murat Türemis, Berlin

January 2018 the subject of family reunification is again top issue of todays politics. During the Bundestag election campaign in 2017, then negotiations for the Jamaica coalition and now in the GroKo talks between the CDU / CSU and the SPD, the topic of family reunification is a hot topic. While negotiations are taking place in well-tempered rooms in Berlin, children and usually one parent are stuck in camps under unreal conditions.
Status quo
"For beneficiaries of subsidiary protection whose residence permit has been issued after 17.03.2016, a transitional period of two years applies. During this time no family reunification can take place. After 16 March 2018 a family reunion is allowed again. In these cases, the three-month period for privileged family reunification begins on 16.03.2018. In special hardship cases, a humanitarian reception of family members is still possible.
As long as the asylum procedure is in progress, no family reunification can take place. If a deportation ban has been established in the asylum procedure, family reunification may only be for humanitarian or other important public reasons. "
Source: BAMF
Political leaders should be asked to allow family reunification without restrictions!
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